Exploring Natural Wealth

The Himalayas and the surrounding regions unveil a vast spectrum of natural wealth to explore. The jungles here fulfills any Naturalist dream, while the geographical exploration are still in its nascent stages with so much to unearth. This leaves explorers with a lot to choose from in terms of what is found in nature.


The Himalayan state of Uttarakhand is 3/4th reserved forest, teeming with mega-fauna that make headlines here for all different reasons. Some of the Rockstars of Indian Himalayas are:

Felines – Royal Bengal Tiger, the Spotted Leopard, the Snow Leopard

Bears – Himalayan Brown Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, the Sloth Bear

Canine: Stripped Hyena, Himalayan Wolf, Himalayan Red Fox

Reptiles: King Cobra, Black Krait, Russel Vipers, Himalayan Pit Vipers, Monitor Lizard

Antelopes: Swamp Deer, Sambhar Deer, Blue Bull, Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Ibex

Birds: Koklass Pheasant, Paradise Flycatcher, the Emerald Dove and about 600 other species

Insects: Butterfly, Moths, micro-fauna

Flora: Ancient trees that serves the vast ecology mentioned above


Geographical Wealth

Glaciers: A high concentration of glaciers in Himalayas allows researchers and enthusiasts to feel the sifting, sliding and cracking of these giant ice masses. Most high pass expeditions would involve traversing of the glaciers.

Mineral: Himalayas are also home to a rich concentration of natural resources. For e.g. the Calcium Carbonate found here is of the highest quality. And we must thank these mountains for numerous mineral and elements that meet our daily needs.  


Forest and It’s Fruits

Forest of Himalayas are nourished by excellent rainfall and snow and thus they bear the fruits enjoyed by its denizens. The extremely organic environment have given medicinal herbs that gives people health, alienating them from chronic diseases. 

The locals have been flourishing on the excesses of forests in these mighty mountains and make use of most things that could be used.


This natural wealth of Himalayas can only be experienced in it’s true sense rather than reading about them. With us you can plan an appropriate exploratory trip to see how and how much of nature can be explored.