Exploring the Rare

We love to explore the lesser seen or known. Dreamcatcher Adventure is trendsetter when it comes to attempting the nigh virgin ruggedness of Indian Himalayas. With you, we would love to traverse the legendary routes once fathomed by Eric Shipton, Tenzing Norgay to name a few. Almost a century after their heroics the Indian Himalayas still begs for masterly climbing attempts of lesser known peaks or high passes. The ascent of central Meru peak, called the Shark Fin, by Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin is what we call the stuff of legends, and is the Rare mountaineering endeavors.

Indian Himalayas offers a spectrum of several unclimbed peaks and several valley’s and glacier’s that are still to be photographed or analyzed. In pursuit of this lost world you are guaranteed to come across flora & fauna that may be hard to recognize. It is this quest of the Rare that Dreamcatcher Adventure would like to make happen for you.

We can help you do some of these following things:

Unclimbed Peaks: Making first attempts on high Himalayan Mountains, still unclimbed, is a lucrative prize for any climber. Indian Himalayas, especially in Uttarakhand, is where numerous trail-routes are still needs to be attempted and document.

High Passes: Numerous high passes of Himalayas are virgin, and even some of them barely attempted or could succeed. These are the passed that couldn’t draw attention of the Indo-Tibet traders because they were almost inaccessible. However, with advance mountaineering equipment one can give it a shot in this age and day.

Heritage Tribal Life: In Himalayas, numerous tribes of different ethnicities, race and creed dwells in their natural environment. Their tribal close-knit communities is one the rare experiences for modern humans. Spending a few days at such remote places can be a massive spiritual detox.