Exploring Unknown

We emphasize on exploring the lands and the people barely understood. The forlorn village cornered towards the edge of civilization, the frozen wilderness where Big Bears and rare large felines set the ecological hierarchy or remoteness of places that breed species which aren’t recognized yet. The Himalayas of India is still the lesser known worlds where time seems to travel in reverse.

Dreamcatcher Adventure promises that exploratory journey in Himalayas in ways that allows expansion of oneself in physical as well as spiritual realms. We’ll try to make it possible through your own feet & fantasy and explore the Unknown territory that induce curiosity or even the inner fears.

How we manage to do this?

Trail routes that are non-traditional

When Dreamcatcher Adventure proposes any outdoor adventure plan, it usually is done the offbeat ways, taking trails that other don’t notice or usually even ignore. So, while the traditional ‘shortest & straightforward’ approach would tempt masses, we would go through villages & valley’s that are not featured on Lonely Planet or even Wikipedia.

Wildlife no one’s talking about

In India, and particularly in Indian Himalayas, a myriad of wildlife species in vast wilderness survive and thrive in harsh conditions. Though with a robust ecology the chances of spotting exotic species is never out of question. Over here, you may have to try hard to sight the rare Snow Leopard, the Himalayan Brown Bear, the Stripped Hyena that are in the mix of other popular mega-faunas’ like Tigers, Leopards, Elephants etc. So, if you have few weeks to spare and have thirst for spotting the rare ones then we may have something for you.

Temples that are amazing, yet unknown

If ancient human history, conjoined with Religious Philosophy draws your attention then the ancient temples of Himalayas is a good place to start. The mythological representation of Hinduism in such temples does dwell on subjects like spirituality, conscientiousness, awareness and enlightenment. And this fabric of lifestyle in its mysterious ways becomes the very spine of Hinduism, Buddhism and few other Pagan religion helter-skelter over Himalayas.     

Culture and heritage that leaves us in Awe

Culture & heritage of Himalayas is as intriguing as the mighty mountains itself. In the laps of these concealed valley’s mankind dwells on primordial culture of gathering, collecting, cultivating and hunting as the means to life. Encounter with villages and villagers should leave an impact on you, especially if you dwell in urban or even semi-urban regions.  


Curiosity about the Unknown and the quest to Explore the curious conscious self, is the undertone of the pragmatic approach that Dreamcatcher Adventure implies in its outdoor excursions.