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Dharansi Pass Trek - Uttarakhand

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Dharansi Pass in Garhwal Himalayas, also the entry route to Nanda Devi Sanctuary, is a relatively short but pristine trek in a region which is pretty much isolated from world. The Dharansi Pass trek through Lata Kharak is also your closest sniff to the banned Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Visitors wanting to visit this region are only allowed up to Nanda devi Outer Sanctuary region at the point where one can reach upto Dharansi. With abundance of Himalayan view and witnessing the amassing flora & fauna of the region is sure to make Dharansi Pass Trek a lifetime memroy for avid mountaineers.


The Himalayan forest you witness while trekking through Dharansi Pass are teeming with Himalayan Black Bears, Leopards, and inhabited by the elusive Snow Leopard wandering in the altitude of 3500+ meters. Moreover, a spectrum of myriad of species makes Dharansi Pass a paradise for wildlife lovers. The small hamlets of Himalayas, their culture and lifestyle pushes you 100 years back in past.


Dharansi Pass Trek


Trekking to Dharasi Pass provides hikers a stunning view of Nanda Devi peak amongst other high-rise peaks of Indian Himalayas. Major peaks like Nandadevi, Dronagiri, Devistan, Hanuman, Bethartoli, Ronti, Chaukhamba, Barmal, Ghori and a glimpse of many others recognized and unrecognized peaks of central Himalayas. It would seem that you touch these mountains when you take a trek to Dharansi Pass.


Dharnsi Pass overview


Dharansi Pass Snow Leopard Habitat

Dharansi Pass is inhabited by Snow Leopards. Sightings of Snow Leopard is possible here. Also trekking to Dharansi Pass with Dreamcatcher Adventure is a lifetime opportunity to get up-close with nature with all the time in world to appreciate it.



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Trek Dharansi Pass

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Dharansi Pass Trek Details

Trekking to Dharansi Pass needs good preperation and an expert trekking team as it is quite uphill. Forest permit are required to go to Dharansi Pass.

Trek route: Lata - Kanoop - Lata Kharak - Jhandidhar - Dharansi Pass - Dharaansi - Lata Kharak - Tolma

Highest altitude: Approx 5000 meters above MSL

Best Time : April-May-June and September-October. Winter trek possible upto Lata Kharak.

Grade: Medium

Weather: Severe in winters and difficult to climb during Monsoons

Cautions: Good trekking gears and ample winter clothing.