Gomukh Tapovan Nandanvan Trek - Source of Ganges

Source of Ganges Trek - to Gomukh Tapovan Nandanvan

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Source of Ganges trek is only half the story towards Gomukh-Tapovan-Nandanvan trek. Trekking 17-kms to Gomukh (literally meaning the 'mouth of Cow') one reaches to the snout of Gangotri Glacier from where river Bhagirathi (later known as Ganges) appears from below the glacier. The name Gaumukh is the same as Gomukh, just the difference in spelling but pronounciation is almost the same.


Being the source of Ganges make Gomukh as a very sacred place for Hindus. The tranquility and peace of mind one can attain at Gomukh is an out of the world experience.


Mount Shivling

Gaumukh-Tapovan-Nandanvan Trek Overview

From Gomukh onwards one trek to Tapovan and you find yourself at the base of legendary Mount Shivling (above). Trek to Tapovan crossing over the Gangotri glacier is an experience only to be felt. From Tapovan the trek to Nandanvan is mesmerizing to say the least. Categorically it's a slightly hard trail after Gomukh and one must be prepared to witness cold weather conditions. You will constantly watch Bhangirathi and Shivling peaks and witness the changing colors of these mountains - a photographer’s delight.

From Tapovan take the same trail back. It is less strenuous to climb downhill but always precarious. As any mountaineer would readily agree - it is always difficult to climb down hill. So always be careful when you hike down.

Source of Ganges - Gomukh

Dreamcatcher Adventure offers two grades of Trek plans as well single-guided tour for the Gangotri – Gomukh – Tapovan – Nandanvan trek corridor on the Bhagirathi catchments.

DELUXE TREK: A Deluxe Trek includes single or double sharing 4-season tents from the brands like Camp, Coleman along with costly sleeping bags and mattresses. Meals would include Indian, Continental and other global cuisines. Energy packs like dry fruits, juices, energy bars are provided everyday.
Up to 30-kg of your baggage load can be transferred to our porter or ponies.

STANDARD TREK: A standard Trek includes accommodation of tri-sharing tents, standard Indian meals of Rice, Bread, Lentils and Vegetables.
There will less support of Porters and you can only shed out less than 15-kg load to our team.


SINGLE GUIDED TREK: A single guide can also be arranged if you seek to do this trek with your own gears and team. The task of the guide will be lead the trail and give relevant information about Geography, Weather and Local conditions.
Note: Food is to be provided to the guide.


Contact us to know more about the Costing and exact travel plan about the trek. We request you to consider the trek statistics below before planning your trek. We have also put up the map of Gaumukh-Tapovan-Nandanvan Trek (not to scale) for your convenience.

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Gomukh Tapovan Nandanvan Trek - The Source of Ganges

Trek Statistics:

We have accumulated some trek statistics here to help you decide on Gomukh-Tapovan-Nandanvan trek in Uttarakhand. Our team of seasoned experts would make your trek very convenient and help you reach places that offer serenity and peace of mind.

The Source of Ganges and to Tapovan-Nandanvan is essential for anyone who adore natures marvel, such as the Himalayas.

Trek Route:

Gangotri - Chirbasa - Bhojbasa - Gomukh - Tapovan - Nandanvan - Back

Trek Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Highest Elevation: 4500 meters

Best Season: Sept-Oct (best) and May-June-July

Temperatures: -5 to 10 Celsius in May/June and 0 to -15 in Sept/Oct

Gangotri Gomukh Trek Map