Kagbhusandi Lake Trek in Uttarakhand

Trek to Kagbhusandi Lake

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The legend has it that all crows dies at Kagbhusandi lake to attain Moksha. There are numerous other mystic stories about here that makes Kagbhusandi lake trek even more fascinating.


The lake is nestled on the base of Hathi - Ghori - Palki peaks and strikes out like a green emerald. The trek to the lake is an arduos one, especially because the trail to the Kagbhusandi lake is hardly used. It is easy to go off the trail if you are not under the leadership of a local guide. In fact, you need good trekking equipments, an expert crew of mountaineers who can accomplish treks of such magnitude with comparative ease. Do read about the trek route below and cautions you need to take while attempting Kagbhusandi trek.

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Kagbhusandi Lake Trek Information

Kagbhusandi Lake trek statistics

Trek Route: Govind Ghat (1900m) – Bhyundar Village (2500m) - Kargila (2980m) – Semartoli (3170m) – Raj Khark (3900m) - Kagbhushundi Tal (4730m) – Farswan Binayak (4200m) - Farswan Binayak – Jabbar Khark (2450m) – Painka village

Trek Grade: Hard

Best Months: May-June / September-October

Lake Altitude: 4750 meters

Weather: Chilly conditions at night, good trekking gears required.