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Kalindikhal Trek - Gangotri to Badrinath on Foot

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Kalindikhal Trek in Garhwal Himalayas is a once in lifetime opportunity to unearth the aweinspiring beauty of central Himalayas and a chance to witness the most amazing peaks that abounds Garhwal Himalaya range.


The pristine, yet extremely challenging, Kalindikhal trekking route is amongst the most challenging trekking expeditions that is attempted by mountaineers. The Kalindikhal Pass serves as the training ground for peak climbers. However, in primitive days Hindu pilgrims used to cross the pass even without any basic life-saving equipment. No doubt Kalindi khal pass trek challenges the courage and stamina of even seasoned mountaineers making this trek a true delight.


Note that Kalindikhal Pass trek is a tough trek and lot of preparation is required in terms of mountaineering equipments, skilled manpower (trek guides, high altitude porters, etc) and lots of courage. With the team of Dreamcatcher Adventure you are in hands of one of the most experienced mountaineering company of India, where the Kalindikhal has been attempted on more than one occasion.


Trekking through kalindi pass takes you at a stone-throwing distance of major Himalayan peaks like Bhagirathi, Kedar dome peak, Meru, Shivling, Satopanth and several more.

Kalindikhal Trek Map

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Information on Gangotri to Kedarnath trekking route, otherwise known as the Auden's Col.



Kalindikhal Pass Trek Details

Kalindikhal is a heavily technical trek and requires most of the mountaineering survival equipments. A trek like this requires mental preperation and at the same going very hard physically. Please consider the trek statistics here before considering Kalindikhal Pass trek.

Trek Route: Gangotri – Bhojbasa – Nandanvan – Vasuki Tal – Khada Patthar – Sweta Glacier Camp – Kalindikhal BC – (via Kalindikhal @ 5950 m / 19000 f) – Raj Padav – Arwa Tal – Ghastoli – Mana

Trek Grade: HARD

Best Months: June, August, September and early October

Trek Length: Approx 18 days

Highest Altitude: Approx 5950 meters or 19000 feet