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Mountaineering, Trekking in Himalayas

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Explore the mountains of Uttarakhand and Indian Himalayas with Dreamcatcher Adventures. The company is a trendsetter for mountaineering in India with major inclination towards Himalayan geological explorations, culture & art conservation and unearthing new routes for unknown passes and lakes.


We organize an array of Mountaineering activities that includes Peak Climbing, Trekking, Backpacking, Himalayan Nature Tours, Wildlife Exploration, Camping, Rock Climbing in the Himalayas. The website focus on Trekking and Mountaineering and different disciplines of this sport. We have listed the prominent treks of Indian Himalayas below and categorized them according to the region for your easy navigation. Feel free to write to us if you need technical or general information about Mountaineering or specific trek trail and we would provide you with the most accurate information.


In order to pursue trekking in Uttarakhand Himalayas we provide services in the following areas of Mountaineering:

About Peak Climbing

Going over a high peak - usually above 6,000 meter above MSL. Climbing a peak in India would require permissions from IMF, right time for expedition and willingness to achieve the difficult. You need good quality mountaineering gears - Coplas, Ice-axe, crampon, Gaiter, Ropes - to be able to complete an expedition. Peak climbing is Not elementary exercise and requires excellent stamina and fearless attitude.


About Trekking or Multi Days Backpacking

Going through a defined path, where motor is not reachable. Trekking may not need all the mountaineering gears, but still requires all the essential survival stuff. 


Day Hiking

Going for a small hike to a hill or a lake and spending some precious time with nature. Hiking is not intense and usually finish inside a day.


About Rock Sport

Rock climbing, Slithering, Rappelling, River crossing, Jumar, Burma Bridge, Flying Fox are some of the activities that are covered under rock sports. They are further categorized from Easy to Extremely difficult.


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Trekking in Uttarakhand and Himalayas

Trekking Peaks:

Stok Kangri peak climbing

Ladakhi peak climbing/trek

Friendship Peak climbing


Difficult Peaks to Climb :

Mount Shivling
Kedar Dome peak climbing

Dunagiri Peak

Chaukhamba Peak

Trishul (Trident Peak)

Thalay Sagar Peak

Meru Peak

Kamet Peak

Abu Gamin Peak

Nanda devi (East) Peak