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Nandi Kund Lake Trek - Uttarakhand

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Nandi Kund Lake trek is not a beginners trek and needs ample stamina and will to reach to this isolated lake. Not very many people visit this lake as the trek is a strenuous one and saps a lot of energy. As with other lakes of state, Nandi Kund also plays a significant role to the religious sentiments of Hindu. There are legends for all the lakes and Nandi Kund Lake has a few of its own.

If you plan a trek to Nandi Kund Lake and wondering how to reach there then do not try it alone, or with a bunch of friends who haven't been there ever. Since it is an isolated trek and often less traveled it is easy to loose the trail. A team of trekkers and porters is essential to make sure that the trek is accomplished safely.

Nandikund trek unfolds to you a Himalayas in nomadic ways. The crossing of Vaitarni river stream, the dizzying altitude of Ghia Vinayak Pass, the Bansi Narayan visit all makes trek to Nandi kund lake a pure delight. This trek is surely lesser traveled and very different from other ones in Himalayas. The Nandi Kund Trek kind of stamps their authority on why Garhwhal Himalayan range is so different from the other ranges.

Even though it is a tough trek the rewards are high. The majestic beauty of this lake would mesmerize you and could make you wonder about nature, ecology and birds-bees. You also get to see a number of Himalayan peaks during the trek and on reaching Nandi Kund Lake. The Nandi Kund Lake is between Madhmaheshwar and Kalpeshwar - two of the shrines from Panch Kedar trek.


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Nandi Kund Lake Trek Information

Nandi Kund Lake trek statistics

Trek Route: Ookhimath - - Bantoli - Madhmaheshwar - Kachani Tal - Pandav Sera - Nandi Kund - Vaitarani - Ghia Vinayak Pass - Maina Gad - Bansi Narayan - Kalpeshwar - Urgam

Trek Grade: Hard

Right Season: May-June / September-October

Temperatures: Pleasant in Summers, severe in Winter

Highest Altitude: 5200 meters