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Panpatia Pass is a legendary trekking trail that connects the two Hindu shrines of Badrinath with Kedarnath. It is a hard high altitude trek where the trekking team encounters Panpatia Glacier and negotiating with 3-4 high altitude passes that makes Panpatia Col trek a delight for mountaineers.


The traditional route for saints and priests was to find the shortest passage from Kedarnath temple (30.73 N 79.06 E) to Badrinath shrine (30.74N 79.49E). Legendary mountaineers Shipton and Tillman decided to explore this route again in modern era. Today Panpatia glacier is stuff of legends and possible to explore by reaching the Madhmaheshwar temple and going North-East head straight into Panpatia pass. From there it is a strenuous and very tricky walk across the Icefield, encountering delicate Icefalls and crevasse. Further ahead is Parvati Col and also the crossing of Khiro Nala (originating from Panpatia glacier). Least to say this is one expedition in Himalayas is hardly explored.


To pursue Panpatia Glacier expedition the trekking group must come well prepared with good physical fitness and preparing physically for high altitude survival. Panpatia pass is not a trek for first-time hiker. Besides physical potential a trekking team must also rely on best-of-the-breed mountaineering equipments along with a team of mountaineers with substantial backpacking experience.

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Panpatia Pass Route

Panpatia Pass Route Map (a geographical map from Survey of India)


Panpatia Pass Route

A Google map snapshot of what lies there


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Panpatia Pass Trek Information

Panpatia Pass trek statistics are vital to attempt this unique expedition only for true mountaineers. The expedition that lured legedary

Trek Route: Uniyana - Bantoli/Khadara Khal - Madmaheshwar - Kasni Tal Lake - Swajal Sarovar Lake - Panpatia Pass - Panpatia Icefield/Glacier - Parvati Col - Khiro Nala - Nilkanatha Base Camp - Dumak Kharak - Badrinath

Trek Grade: Hard

Best Months: May(end)-June and Aug (end)-October(start/mid)

Max Altitude: 5600 meters