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Roopkund Lake Trek - The Skeleton Lake

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Roopkund trek in Uttarakhand in north India is a mysterious trek that leads the trekking group to the lake of dead people. The skeletal remains of ancient people around the lake has given it its other name - The Skeleton Lake.



The Rookund Lake is captivating, adventurous and triggers fascination due to the enigma that goes about this mysterious lake. The folklore of locals, the scenic Himalayan landscape and abundance of flora & fauna makes trek to Roopkund much recommended for hikers and nature lovers, as well and for those who loves to unravel the unknown. Hindus have deep respect for Roopkund Lake because of its location and coz of the skeletal remains that are found around the lake region.


Bedni Bugyal on Roopkund Lake Trek

Roopkund Lake Photo

Roopkund - Jura Gali

Roopkund Lake Trek


Roopkund Lake Trek Overview

A successful trek to the Roopkund Lake or the Skeleton Lake is a matter of few critical factors. One - picking the right time of the trek and two - trekking with right crew and right equipments. It is a glacial lake and accessible only for a short time during a year. Otherwise the lake is frozen for most part of the year. Once you know that the lake is accessible then you should go along with an experienced mountaineering crew who know the right places to camp and offer good nutritious food to compensate for the energy lost while trekking. Based on these factors your trek to Roopkund lake can become an unforgettable chapter of life.

Roopkund lake altitude is 4600 meters
above mean sea level. On reaching Jura Gali you gain the maximum altitude of 5100 meters above MSL, with amazing views of Indian Himalayas all around.


Roopkund Map - Below is a Roopkund Lake Trek Map, not based on accuracy but only for general idea.
Roopkund Trek Route Map


The Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra that happens once in 12-years finishes at Roopkund Lake with the last rituals been performed here. The let go off the four-horned holy Sheep (Khadu) here. FYI, the Nanda Devi Raj Jat this time is taking place after a gap of 13-years because of astronomical reasons. It was supposed to happen in 2012, but was postponed to 2013.

Kindly get in touch if you need relevant information about Roopkund lake trek and we would be pleased to help you with the best of our capacity. Dreamcatcher Adventure knows the Roopkund trail like the back of our hands, hence your Roopkund lake experience would be entirely different when you trek to this mysterious lake with the expert crew of Dreamcatcher Adventure. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch. Know more about Dreamcatcher by visiting the About Us section.

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Roopkund Trek Details

Trek to Roopkund needs precise timing and good preparations since Himalayan weather is unpredictable. The lake is frozen for most part of the year. Therefore, right timing (month) is must if trekkers wants to witness the heavely nectar of Roopkund lake and historical skeletal remains.

Trek route: Lohajung - Didana - Bedni Bugyal - (Bedni Kund) - Bhagwabasa - Roopkund Lake - Bedni Bugyal - Wan - Lohajung

Lake altitude: 4600 Above MSL

Accessibility: Accessible between from June - October

Sleeping Bag: -5 C bags when visiting in late October

Highest Elevation: 5029 m

Cautions: Good hiking gears are must