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Trek to Satopanth Lake

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Satopanth Tal Lake Trek in Uttarakhand is an isolated trek in Garhwal Himalayas nestled on the base of legendary Nilkantha peak and several other prominent peaks in proximity. The Swargarohini peak Base Camp, views of Balakun Peak and Narayan Parbat peak are also part of the trek route. Mana peak is also visible from this location. Ideally speaking, this is a trek where you are surrounded by legendary Himalayan peaks.

Satopanth lake trek is an arduous one mainly because of the steep and often back-breaking climb that one needs to encounter. This trek is for those who are willing to test physical limits and handle the notorious Himalayan weather. Despite of all that the trek to Satopanth lake is full of pristine landscape, with a heavy dosage of ever changing Himalayan weather. Camping at the Vasudhara Fall and glimpse of drmatic Nilkantha peak are experiences not to captivate in camera but to enclose in mind and spirit.


Below is the Satopanth Lake route map only for an idea purpose and not for navigational usage. The trek route and statistics are also given below. If you ever feel like pursuing Satopanth Lake then you may contact us and we would help you accomplish this trek under the guidance of our expert trekking crew.

Satopanth Lake Map

Kedar Tal Lake Trek is a similar kind of trek as Kedar Tal lake.



Satopanth Lake Trek Information

Please consider the trek statistics to ensure a troublefree trekking adventure.

Trek Route: Badrinath - [13 km] - Laxmi Van (via Neelkanth Peak BC)  - [09 km] - Chakratirath - [06 km] - Satopanth Lake - [10 km] - Swargarohini Base Camp - and Back

Trek Grade: Hard

Best Months: May-June / September-October

Lake Altitude: nearly 4600 meters

Weather: Relatively warm in May-July / Freezing conditions from October onwards