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Source of Ganges trek is rated as the best Spiritual trek in Himalayas none other than by Lonely Planet travel encyclopedia. Emerging as river Bhagirathi from its snout at Gomukh (literally meaning the 'Cow's mouth'), with Bhagirathi peak in background, it is here the Ganges begins its journey of myths, fantasy and lifeline to millions. The river is the longest in Indian subcontinent and fed by several big river and small streams emerging from other corners of Himalayas and elsewhere. The power of Ganges and the faith attached to it makes Source of the Ganges trek a tribute to nature's supremacy.


The Source of Ganges trek is quite popular with denizens from India and abroad. But it doesn't gives the appearance of a crowded place where finding solace would be difficult to find. Throughout the trek the hikers will find isolation and the vibe of spirituality with the breathtaking surroundings.

Source of Ganges Gomukh

Gangotri to Gomukh Trek

Gomukh (left) is 17-km trek from Gangotri - where the famous Gangotri Temple is situated. The entire trek is relatively easy with steep and narrow trail only at few places. Prior trekking experience is not mandatory but the participants are advised to improve their physical fitness so that the entire trek can be pursued in a trouble-free manner.

Source of Ganges Trek Overview

This trek begins from Gangotri, which is about 270 km from Rishikesh or 520 km from New Delhi. A gentle trek of about 11-km brings you to Chirbasa - a perfect camping spot on the banks of Bhagirathi (the Ganges) river. A further 3-km ahead is Bhojbasa the main camping site during the Source of Ganges trek. The Gangotri Glacier snout is mere 3-km ahead of Bhojbasa.

Ideally, one trek to Bhojbasa on Day 1, visits Gomukh and return to camp at Bhojabasa on Day 2. Day 3 we descend back to Gangotri. Further ahead of Gomukh is Tapovan and Nandanvan which are the bases for attempting climbs to big peaks like Shivling, Bhagirathi I, II and III and Kedar dome to name a few.

Click the link to get details for Gomukh Tapovan Nandanvan Trek.

Approximate Altitudes of important places:

Rishikesh - 380 m

Gangotri - 3042 m
Chirbasa - 3600 m
Bhojbasa - 3750 m
Gomukh - 4000 m

Source of Ganges - Gomukh
Gangotri Gomukh Trek Map

Sourc of Ganges Trek Images

Source of Ganges Trek - Mt Shivling and Mt Meru
Source of Ganges Trek  - Blue Lake
Source of Ganges Trek Gomukh Glacier
Source of Ganges Trek with Mount Shivling in backrop
Bhagirathi Peak at Source of Ganges Trek
Cheerbasa at Source of Ganges



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Gangotri Chirbasa Bhojbasa Gomukh Tapovan Nandanvan Trek details.



The Source of Ganges Glacier Trek

Trek Statistics:

We have compiled trek details to assist you about this trek. Our team of seasoned experts would make your trek very convenient and help you reach places that offer serenity and peace of mind.

The Source of Ganges trek is essential for anyone who just loves Himalayas and yearns for Spirituality.

Trek Route:

Gangotri - Chirbasa - Bhojbasa - Gomukh - and Back

Trek Difficulty: Easy

Highest Elevation: 4000 meters

Best Season: Sept-Oct (best) and May-June-July
* Inaccessible between November till April

Temperatures: Night Temperatures are "-5 to 10 Celsius in May/June" and "0 to -15 in Sept/Oct"